Susan Bryan Studios

Susan Bryan is a self taught impasto artist that many years ago fell in love with palette knife painting.

a line of 5 different types of pallet knives
pallet knives lying next to colorful dabs of paint

Palette knives have been used in impasto painting since the 1800’s. Impasto is an Italian word meaning “dough’ or “mixture’. As a painting technique, the term refers to the very thick and textured application of paint on the canvas itself. With this technique, the paint is applied so thickly that when it dries it appears to be three dimensional. Susan uses the consistency of the oils to carve and stack the colors bringing the paintings to life.

Susan’s work can be seen in various galleries and venues. She also shares her love of art in teaching classes.

About the Artist

Susan is a self-taught artist from Billings, Montana. She grew up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a very artistic family. Her dad was an oil painter and her mom an acoustical guitarist. This creates a very imaginative child who is still painting and sketching her way through life.

It wasn’t until years after her dad passed away she knew she needed to paint to feel complete. “I have no formal education in painting with palette knives. It just feels natural to me. I am using the same palette knives my dad used. That in itself inspires me.”

Susan developed her technique starting with different brushes and tools, but soon fell in love with the varied shapes of palette knives. “I can create an interesting effect by stacking and carving the oil paint using the edges of the knife for all the detail.” Her oils come to life with layers and layers of color and texture.

Her subject matter varies from landscapes to people. She is mostly known for her landscapes, aspens and flower pieces.

“I believe fine art should be the focus of a room not an accessory. Whether it is bold color or soft and reflective, it should be a conversation waiting to happen. If the color combinations in my work draw you in, and the texture makes you want to touch, I have accomplished what I have set out to do as an artist.”


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